Tele-Acne Program

Speak with an Acne Specialist!

For Long Distance Clients

“Acne is a disease.  Not a condition or a stage through maturity.  It is not a punishment for something you did wrong or failed to do right.  You didn’t give yourself acne.  You don’t deserve to have it. –Dr. James Fulton, MD, PhD.

How does our Tele-Acne Program: For Long Distance Clients work?

This skin coaching program is designed to put you at ease. From the comfort of your home or office, you will have the opportunity to work with your personally assigned Certified Acne Specialist, Nurse Washington. To begin this process, simply complete the Long Distance Client Intake form. Once completed, follow detailed instructions for attaching form and uploading current photos of your skin. Then submit.

NOTE: All completed forms must be received by our office prior to you receiving a scheduled Tele-Acne Consultation appointment.

No paperwork. No appointment. No exceptions!

During your scheduled Tele-Acne Consultation you will meet remotely, on our secure and HIPAA compliant video system, with Nurse Washington. She will answer questions and address your skin concerns.

NOTE: We do require that you use our products exclusively while continuing ongoing consultations with us.

Nurse Washington will customize and recommend your home care routine. We recommend clients check in at least three weeks after their initial Tele-Acne Consultation and every month thereafter until cleared. This is very important in order to achieve progress with your skin. Our goal is to keep pushing the skin to clear without being too drying or irritating! We will discuss your progress or issues during these regular check-ins.

NOTE: You must be off the drug Accutane for at least 30 days, and/or off any prescription topical medicines for at least two weeks before you can begin our program. These drugs cause heightened sensitivity in the skin, and our products and treatments would be too strong.

Nurse Washington, of Xubian Acne Clinic, is available to discuss your skin concerns. She offer a variety of services, from education to treatments. For your convenience, you may schedule an appointment.

If you are experiencing an emergency, DO NOT contact us through our website.

CALL the clinic DIRECTLY at 910.429.ACNE (2263)